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brake repair

Solely responsible for stopping your vehicle, your car’s brakes are arguably the most crucial safety feature your vehicle has. That being said, keeping your brakes in good health is vital to the safety of both yourself and the occupants of your car. This doesn’t mean waiting until your brakes are in trouble to get them serviced; regular maintenance is essential to getting and keeping your braking system in working order. The professional mechanics at RSW Auto Repair in Kinnelon, NJ, are brake experts and are here to help with any and all brake problems you may have.

Brake Service Kinnelon NJ

Keeping up with your regular braking system maintenance is the best method for not only keeping yourself safe but also avoiding costly brake repairs caused by neglect. Most braking systems consist of a rotor, a caliper, and brake pads or brake shoes. As the brakes stop the vehicle, the brake pads or shoes can wear, requiring replacement. Driving with worn brake pads or shoes can place additional stress on the rotor, leading to more expensive repairs down the road. We recommend following your vehicle’s owner’s manual to determine how often brake service is required for your car, and we are happy to help you determine this.

Brake Repair Kinnelon NJ

If you’ve let your brake maintenance slide over the weeks and months, we don’t blame you. It’s easy to forget about these things, especially these days. If you’re experiencing any of the following brake issues, you’ll want to bring it into RSW Auto Repair as soon as possible:

  • Brakes emit a high-pitched squeak when in use
  • Vibration or shaking while brakes are in use
  • A grinding noise when brakes are not in use
  • Brakes require more pressure to stop the vehicle successfully

These are all signs that your brake pads may be worn or perhaps even gone, your rotors need work, or some combination of both. Don’t drive around on bad brakes – bring it into RSW Auto Repair today.

Brake Repair Near Me

If you are driving around Kinnelon, NJ, with a set of bad brakes, or you simply need your regularly scheduled brake maintenance, bring your car into the best auto repair and service shop around, RSW Auto Repair. Our professional techs will fix you up and get you back on the road quickly and safely. Make an appointment with us today.

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