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When you learned to drive a car, hopefully someone taught you how important regular oil changes are to the health of your vehicle. The oil change, which needs to happen between every 3,000 to 5,000 miles driven in most cars, does more than any other maintenance service to keep your car running as you expect it to. Drivers in Kinnelon, NJ, have quite a few choices when it comes to where to have an oil change performed. A dealership is going to be expensive, a big box store might not do the job right, but a family-owned and operated auto repair shop with trained technicians is always a good choice. And when you need an oil change in Kinnelon, NJ, that very shop you know you can trust is RSW Auto Repair.

Oil Change Kinnelon NJ

So you know you need an oil change in Kinnelon, NJ, but you aren’t actually sure what happens behind the scenes. It is actually a daily simple process. Our techs will completely drain the used, worn oil from your car’s engine. As your engine runs, it creates a large amount of heat and friction. Oil keeps your engine cool and lubricated, but does break down over time. Worn oil can’t properly protect your engine, so oil changes are very necessary. After we drain the oil, we replace it with a new batch along with a replacement oil filter, which serves to keep dirt and crud from mixing with the oil in your engine. And just like that, we are done and your car is good to go.

Preventative Maintenance Kinnelon NJ

While we do see a lot of oil changes here at RSW Auto Repair, it is far from the only preventative maintenance service we provide. Our team can service any part of your vehicle that may need it. This means we provide the 30/60/90k milestone services every car will eventually need, as well as specialized services for individual parts and systems, including everything from the brakes to the AC to the engine itself. When your car needs preventative maintenance in Kinnelon, NJ, think of the pros at RSW Auto Repair first.

Oil Change Near Me

For the very best oil change in Kinnelon, NJ, trust the team at RSW Auto Repair. Our steller services are only matched by our top-notch customer service, and we are waiting to help you and your vehicle stay on the road for years and miles to come. Make an appointment today!

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