Philosophy & Core Values

If you’ve ever been into our shop then you’ve had a taste of who we are. We’re fully dedicated to what we do, have a passion about cars, motorsports, and technology, as well as an intense drive to give each customer the best service (and products) possible.

Go the Extra Mile

We always go the extra mile for customers, co-workers, and the company. We strive to always over-deliver and exceed people’s expectations at everything we do, and we do so with enthusiasm. We understand that going the extra mile for people is what results in word of mouth, which is the driving force behind our real growth. We strive to WOW people with our outstanding customer service. It’s not just something we say, it’s something we do, and our daily actions reflect it.

Stay Humble

We stay humble and practice humility when it comes to our own progress and accomplishments. We don’t take the credit for our individual successes, but instead give credit to the people who make our individual successes possible. We always give credit to others for a job well done, and we accept full responsibility when things go poorly.

Be Disciplined

We are self-motivated to stay on-task and get the job done. We are driven and focused on the company and its progress, from the big picture all the way down to the finite details of every task we take on. We are strong enough to hold ourselves accountable, and we can be relied on to consistently get the job done above the expectation set for us.

Accept Responsibilities

We always accept full responsibility for OUR actions and performance. When we identify an issue or are given a task, we own that issue or task and see it through to its completion. We don’t shift blame. Nothing we are aware of is ever someone else’s fault; we always take it fully upon ourselves to make it right.

Take Initiative

We do not wait to be told to do something. When we see something that needs to be done, we do it. We always take initiative to get tasks done without being asked. We are self-driven and look to constantly push ourselves forward and do what needs to be done to succeed. We don’t sit and wait for someone to tell us the next step to take; we anticipate the path and contribute accordingly without needing to be carried. We don’t need someone else to hold a carrot in front of us. We find our own carrots and hold them for ourselves, knowing that improving the company any way we can benefit all.

Build Positive & Fun Relationships

We work to build positive and fun relationships both internally and externally, and we know that the success of the business is built upon this. Quality, positive relationships are what successful businesses and successful people thrive on. Consistently making efforts to build strong relationships with everyone we encounter creates strong bonds and friendships, and ultimately creates lifetime customers and loyalty to the brand. We can lose a customer, but we can never lose a friend.

Always Be Learning

We are always learning and striving to better the company and ourselves. We believe in taking the time to learn things on our own to better ourselves personally and improve our performance. We know that learning is essential to growing and that our personal growth and performance have a direct impact on the company’s growth and performance. We work to get better every day and constantly push ourselves for personal progress and make it a point to never be the weak link on the team.

Be Selfless

We always give more than we take. We always put others and the company before individual accolades. We always do the right thing and make our decisions based on what is the morally right thing to do. We don’t seek out personal gain from what we do and the decisions we make, instead we make decisions based on what’s best for others and what’s best for the company. We believe that ultimately what is best for the company is best for us anyway.

Be Enthusiastic

We are enthusiastic about being a part of the RSW Auto Repair team. Our enthusiasm and passion for what we do here carry through to all levels of our performance in everything that we do, both in the shop and in our dealings with others externally. We understand that being enthusiastic is contagious, and if we are enthusiastic and excited to help our customers, co-workers, and the company, they will reciprocate that excitement about us. Working at RSW Auto Repair isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle, and we are loyal and dedicated to our cause and live our lives enthusiastically by the values that RSW Auto Repair stands for.


We believe in the big picture, the direction we are all collectively going, and exactly what needs to be done to get there. We believe in everything that RSW Auto Repair stands for, including these core values, and live by them both inside and outside of the shop. It’s who we are fundamentally at our core. And we believe in that.


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