Your car’s transmission is the most complex and delicate component of your entire vehicle. Whether you drive a manual or automatic transmission vehicle, any problem with your transmission can become a headache in a matter of minutes and completely sideline your car. RSW Auto Repair’s professional mechanics are transmission experts and can get you fixed up and back on the road in no time. For the best transmission repair in Kinnelon, NJ, trust the team at RSW Auto Repair.

Five Signs of Transmission Problems

Recognizing the significant signs of transmission trouble is easy if you know what to look for. Transmission problems usually manifest themselves in one, some, or all of the following five ways:

  • If your gears seem reluctant to switch, stick, or even slip, this is the most significant sign your transmission needs care.
  • If you notice a burning smell, it could be from leaking transmission fluid.
  • An activated check engine light could indicate issues.
  • Grinding or humming noises while in neutral can be a signal of the problem as well.
  • If the car is unresponsive while switching gears, especially from park to drive, transmission problems are likely.

If any of these sound familiar or are currently occurring in your vehicle, you’ll want to bring them into RSW Auto Repair in Kinnelon, NJ, today.

Transmission Repair Kinnelon NJ

Luckily, transmission problems don’t usually pop up overnight. Occurring in an older model and high mileage cars, transmission issues can often be unnoticeable at first but get worse over time. Whether your transmission needs minor repairs or a full rebuild, the transmission technicians at RSW Auto Repair have got you covered. We are the transmission experts in Kinnelon, NJ, and our expertise and service level can’t be beaten.

Transmission Repair Near Me

Don’t ignore any transmission issues you might be having. This can lead to much more costly repairs, making a minor problem into a major one. Instead, bring your vehicle to the transmission experts at RSW Auto Repair. We guarantee that any work we do will be done right the first time, every time. For a trusted auto shop with a small-town feel, you can trust RSW Auto Repair in Kinnelon, NJ. Make an appointment today.

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